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We are looking for a co-founder who can define and execute product strategy, business plan, fundraising and client communications.

We are looking for a person with a wide network in the ecommerce domain. We are B2B. We are already working with two pilot clients with whom we need to continue conversations. The initial involvement is estimated ~30% – 50% of working week. However, time commitment will grow with new client acquisition. The goal is to have 1 new client per month after several pilot clients implementations.


  1. Business plan creation/execution
  2. Product strategy
  3. Leading pilot clients
  4. Setting up/execution of sales goals until the company has sales team
  5. Business/pricing models
  6. Creating and delivering presentations
  7. Client demos, prioritizing
  8. Setting up and management company/business entity (this one is negotiable)
  9. Fundraising (this one is negotiable)


Shop by VOICE is an AI-based shopping assistant that guides consumers through the “choice phase” of making a purchase. Do you remember sales consultants in beauty or electronics stores such as Sephora or Best Buy? Shop by VOICE is an AI-based sales consultant for online stores.
Shop by VOICE operates with natural speech as opposed to just text and voice.


CASE 1. Electronics. Best Buy

I need a notebook, but I don't know exactly all characteristics

Case 2. Skincare. L'Oreal

I have wrinkles on my face but I do not know which cream I should buy

Case 3. Design store. Wallpaper

I'm looking for a gift for my mom. She likes elegant things

Case 4. Sport shops. Taylormade

I'm newbie and I need a golf club. But I do not know which exactly.


The system is packed with AI related to natural text processing, natural language understanding and dialog leading engines. Shop by VOICE understands user input and leads dialogs with users to help them to go through “the choice phase”. It asks smart, relevant questions. Shop by VOICE operates with “tags” – product characteristics. It understands simple ones, such as size, weight, color (basic attributes in every product catalog) and smart ones, computed by the Shop by VOICE rules engine, like “computer for business” or “computer for gamers”.

Skincare demo

Wallpaper demo


  • Winners of Seed Forum pitches in New York, USA; Estonia; and Norway
  • Pitch prizer at the EMERGE conference 2018
  • Top 15 startups for Techstars Alexa 2018 and top 75 for Techstars Retail 2018
  • Top 15 startups for Starta Accelerator, New York
  • Attendee at Web Summit 2018
  • Attendee at Tech Day 2018 in New York, USA


  • POC for Wallpaper. Negotiations on further steps.
  • Negotiations with Adidas brand.


We had passed all phases of investment and fundraising, however the deal didn’t materialize because one of the team members, who led communications with clients and was deeply involved with fundraising, initiated an urgent exit.

Have an idea? We’re happy to discuss it with you