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We are Shop by Voice

We are Shop by Voice

When we started Shop by Voice, we wanted to change the perception of what machine learning could be. We saw an industry that was not only evolving in how we use technology, but also changing what our world was capable of.

We see a technology-driven landscape that’s constructed with predictive analysis, but also helping create a home that’s wired to help you live your best life. Think life 3.0.

In the future we see, brands will be able to interact directly with consumers based on their needs and by the data collected from everyday appliances. Shop by Voice seeks to connect our lives with technology in new ways. We want users to dictate their needs to appliances like the fridge when it’s time to order some milk or be able to tell your house you need a new pair of pink Chuck Taylors.

We’re not focused on gimmicks, and we’re not a one trick pony. Instead, Shop by Voice seeks to innovate the every day.  

Data is everything. Without data, we cannot grow. Because Shop by Voice is designed and built with the medium-sized business in mind, we developed an admin panel, which captures data, trains the system and then utilizes the information.

Because the system is continually learning, we’ve found ways to implement shortcuts that save users time:

The admin panel enters missing pieces that help jumpstart the learning process, which fill in the blanks, allowing for the shared knowledge to carry over and benefit all users. By constantly growing and learning, like the human mind, Shop by Voice’s technology evolves real time.

We are here, and we are ready. We are Shop by Voice.


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