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Yana Mykhailenko


With a passion for math and a Master’s Degree in Systems Analysis, Yana spends her time working on the most complicated technical problems. After completing her degree, she studied at Yandex Data Analysis School, and organization known as “Eastern Europe’s Google.” There she studied algorithms, data structures, machine learning, theory of probability and natural language processing.


Vladyslav Babenko


Extremely goal-oriented by nature, Vlad has two Master’s degrees, one in Telecommunication and Information Security, and a second in International Economy. In addition to working across the full technology stack, Vlad’s passion for professional development also finds him leading lectures for students and speaking at conferences.


Alora Chistiakoff


Alora has been leading and building high-performing teams in complex technology services delivery environments since 2000. As a passionate advocate for strengths-based leadership, Alora has led technical teams on four continents in delivering major technology initiatives around the globe, while building world class organizations that give talented individuals the chance to grow their careers in ways they never expected.


Yevhen Babenko

Solution Architect

Yevhen’s passion for technology and his dedication to solving complex issues fuels his excitement at tackling new projects, applying what he’s learned to them, and getting the chance to treat each new effort as an adventure. With a commitment to learning and a resistance to stress, Yevhen can usually be found diving head-first into the most complex and confounding problems in any project.


Maija Waschke

Operations Strategist

Maija is a true people person. She is able to assess any situation, guide her team to find the tools necessary, and bring the right people together  to successfully complete any project. Maija is a talented leader able to translate technical protocols and functionality to the business side, succinctly stating the issue or explaining the solution. She has a collaborative management style that builds trust and allows the team to be successful, be heard, and feel valued.

About us

Once upon a time, Alora, Yana, Vlad and Eugene all worked at Astound Commerce, one of the largest privately-owned e-commerce implementation firms in the world. Post-Astound, Alora, who had been the president, would become a highly sought-after consultant, Yana would study at a school started by the Russian “Google” called Yandex and Vlad would tackle technology targeted around accessibility for visually impaired customers.


That might have been the end of the story but for the fact that Yana and Vlad were married. As such, Yana had an opportunity to observe what Vlad was working on and realize that she could apply all she was learning about data analysis, machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing to create an even better solution for the visually impaired.


That solution would become Shop by VOICE. And, together with Vlad’s brother Eugene, they would approach Alora to discuss taking this first product to market.


Thus, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the proverbial status quo, Shop by VOICE was born to embrace and drive change in the e-commerce world. In 2017, Maija, who worked with Alora on multiple engagements on the past and was part of the founding team at MarketLive, an early eCommerce software product, brought her startup DNA to the Shop by VOICE leadership team and began preparing the company for its global debut.


They also decided that as a team, they had many innovative ideas they wanted to take to market – Shop by VOICE is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying agile and keeping an eye on the horizon for industry-relevant trends, watching consumer behaviors and creating meaningful shopping interactions, Shop by VOICE is ready to make a name for itself!