Shop by voice | Flying High: 2018 Forecast for Shop by Voice
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Flying High: 2018 Forecast for Shop by Voice

Flying High: 2018 Forecast for Shop by Voice

Our everyday items are becoming smarter. More importantly, consumers are seeing new opportunities for empowerment while old-school institutions are adopting new technology.  At Shop by Voice, we’re thrilled to be part of the process of adapting new technology to better suit the needs of today’s consumers. Before we kick off the year with a preview of the things we plan to bring to our customers in 2018, let’s take a moment to review what we accomplished in the last twelve months. 2017 was an exciting build year for the Shop by Voice team. Our main focus was developing Shop By Voice,  a voice-driven technology, leveraging the latest NLP technology, for retail merchants and eCommerce customers.

Shop by Voice has seen the expansion of our stellar development team, the continued improvement of our product Shop By VOICE, industry support and encouragement, and the cultivation of new customers.

How it was in 2017?

Our administration panel is the hub of Shop by VOICE. It offers key metrics at your fingertips. Not only can you view details about users and their shopping habits, but via the admin panel you configure SBV to meet your specific needs. Here you can tailor the system to assign product attributions and relationships, as well as create unique dialogues that guide users through your product catalogue.

Shop by VOICE enhances search results to outperform competitors. SBV’s custom algorithms combined with superior technical capabilities mean that customers are more likely to find the results they want.

With Shop by VOICE’s intelligent search engine, the Smart Assistant can discover relationships between entities within the domain area. These relationships mean that Shop by VOICE asks smarter questions and delivers quicker results.

2018 Product Horizon

We are on fire! Our mission is to continue developing a superior product!

  • In the next year we are going to improve our AI models to calculate precise personalized questions flow for every user
  • We are adding detection of gender and age to decrease number of questions during search refinement process
  • We are going to deliver context based user intention recognition
  • We are going to expand our knowledge database to get more understanding of retail specific tag groups
  • We are catering an integration with Google Home, Alexa and other smart devices

And much more!


Give Us Your Feedback


The themes above are just a preview of what we are thinking about this year. It is not an exhaustive list of updates and features we plan to release. I hope you are just as excited about these as we are!

Let’s keep the dialogue going. Do you have ideas about what we should do next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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